Salted butter caramels

salted butter caramel cut into squares

Market ingredient: Pepe Saya butter
Difficulty: Easy, but difficult to know when it’s ready
Deliciousness: Intense
Did The Beard like it? It took 1 day to eat half the tray

Salty sweets are all the rage at the moment. Well, it seems to be, at least. I came across this wee recipe in the Good Living section of the Sydney Morning Herald the other week and had to try it. Salted butter caramels. Yum. It also gave me an excuse to use butter as my main key ingredient for once. Clearly this is one of those ‘minute on the lips, lifetime on the hips’ kind of recipes. but who cares.

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Tarte Tartin with a twist

Tarte Tartin ready to serve

Market ingredient: Pink Lady apples
Difficulty: This version was a little fiddly
Deliciousness: Childhood in a dessert
Did The Beard(‘s friend) like it? “This was worth driving up from Canberra for.”

I was struggling a little for food inspiration this week. I was doing laps of Eveleigh for at least 40 minutes, struggling to work out what should be my key ingredient. That was until I discovered the new apple guy who’d arrived this week. Actually, it was really so much the apples that caught my eye, but the crazy contraption this guy had going that peeled, cored and cut the apple into one curly snail of fruit all at the same time that actually excited me. I’d never seen one of these things before and I couldn’t help but laugh as this this sliced so efficiently. As a result, I walked away with 10 apples; a mixture of tart Pink Lady & slightly sweeter Fuji’s.

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