Chinese braised beef cheeks

chinese braised beef cheeks

Market ingredient: Linga Longa Beef Cheeks
Difficulty: Requires 10 hrs of cooking time
Deliciousness: Intensely rich
Did The Beard like it? “I can feel it making me fat”.

It’s nice to find something at Eveleigh Markets again that I’ve never actually cooked before. The amazing butcher from Linga Longa Farm (the same guy that does those amazing Cattleman’s cut of beef) had some incredible looking beef cheeks. I LOVE this cut of meat when out at restaurants: so rich and intense, full of meaty meaty flavour.

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Vietnamese-style pork belly with lemongrass & ginger greens

Market ingredient: Pork belly from Melanda Park Free Range Pork
Difficulty: Simple
Deliciousness: Full of rich flavour
Did The Beard like it? Hmmm, porky.

Pork. The other, generally ostracised, white meat. You either love it or hate it. When done well, I freaking love the stuff. Mamma e Papa Brown do a mean pork roast on the coal weber and it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted. However, it’s just not something I cook at home. Ever. I generally walk straight past the poor pork guys at Eveleigh, don’t even turn my head to acknowledge them and their meat.  But there was something about the jovial, tattoo-ed rockabilly guy manning the Melanda Park Free Range Pork stall that caught my eye this week. Perhaps it was the volume and height achieved by his quiff, but after spending 5 minutes chatting, I was walking away with nearly a kilo worth of pork belly.

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