Panfried pine mushroom fail

bowl of panfried pine mushrooms

Market ingredient: Pine mushrooms
Difficulty: Pretty easy
Deliciousness: I completely f*&ked this one up
Did The Beard like it? Not at all

It’s not often that I’ll claim this, but I really made a mess of this dish. Well, I’ll often claim it, but in that “I-know-this-dish-is-awesome-but-I’ll-say-that-I’m-not-sure-about-it-so-people-will-praise-my-skills” kind of way. But for once, I really actually did mess up the dish.  From appearances, it all looks good, but the taste was something else. And here’s why…

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Beef, mushroom & spinach lasagne

beef, mushroom and spinach lasagne

Market ingredient: Pasta Gallery Fresh Lasagne sheets (although the mushies, spinach and basil were also from the markets)
Difficulty: Easy but bechamel takes a lot of love
Deliciousness: Hearty
Did The Beard like it? It’s apparently his favourite lasagne (just don’t tell his Mum)

So, it’s a bit of an excited blog post for 2 reasons:

  1. I’ve finally opened up some fantastic box lights that were given to me by Stevie-from-across-the-road’s wonderful wife-to-be, the divine Miss H. Miss H is a spectacular designer and photographer. Not only does she take better photos of food than I could ever hope to take (my iphone isn’t really helping my cause much either) but she is also ridiculously generous. When she told me she had two box lights just sitting under her desk at work and they were mine if I wanted them, I was tres excited. So this is my first crack at banishing yellow-lit food from this blog.
  2. The Beard and I are in the middle of planning a big holiday to North Africa / Sicily / Malta. Those that know me know that I’m a bit of an Italian-want-to-be and have a bit of a romantic notion of that country. I’ve just spent the entire weekend reading up on Sicily, where we are going to be spending 2 out of the 4 weeks away. After picking up some of Pasta Gallery’s Fresh Lasagne sheets this week, it seemed only appropriate that we finish the weekend out with some hearty Italian fare.

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Mixed mushroom risotto

Mixed mushroom risotto on 2 plates

Market ingredient: Mixed mushrooms from The Funghi Difficulty: Easy, just needs constant attention
Deliciousness: Comfort food
Did The Beard like it? He ate 2 servings

I walk past The Funghi stand every week and marvel at the variety of mushrooms this guy has. Giant portobellos, slippery wood-ears, cute litte chestnuts, enoiki, shiitake and an enormous pile of somewhat dangerous pine mushrooms (next time you’re in Creasion in Sydney, ask the owner, Yu, just how many pine mushrooms one person should eat in one sitting!). They’re fascinating to look at and I always stop to take a peek.

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