Lemongrass & ginger lamb ribs

Lemongrass & ginger lamb ribs on a white plate

Market ingredient: Lamb ribs
Difficulty: SUPER easy
Deliciousness: Nice, but really rich
Did The Beard like it? “Awesome”

Being back at Eveleigh Markets and back in the kitchen post-holiday has been somewhat therapeutic. As much as I adore eating out, it gets a little tiring after a while, when all you feel like is a salad, or some sort of delicious home-cooked meal. Cruising around the med, the cuisine that I did miss was SE Asian. The flavours are so crisp and fresh, and I just longed for them after eating mound of couscous after mound of couscous, followed by pizza, pasta then a week full of pastizzis (and yes, I can hear the collective cry of “1st world problems”). Lamb is not something I tend to mix with Vietnamese-esque flavours and I’m not really sure why. I have always stuck with beef or pork, but seeing these huge racks of lamb ribs, it felt like a good opportunity to give it a burl.

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Greek-style slow roast lamb rack

greek-style slow roast lamb rack served with roast potatoes and radish and fennel salad

Market ingredient: Forequarter lamb racks
Difficulty: Pop in the oven and just leave it!
Deliciousness: Juicy and tasty
Did The Beard like it? He was in lamb heaven

This winter, slow-cooking has become my favourite method of cooking. In the cold weather, there is nothing more comforting than the smell of a stew or roast filling the house. Flavours develop intensely and slow cooking also allows you to tenderise slightly cheaper (albeit often tastier) cuts of meat. I love lamb for this type of cooking. I’ve already expressed my love for a lamb tagine, but a slow-roast lamb is incredible. Choose a shoulder or forequarter rack; they’re tougher and therefore need the long time to cook, but I can guarantee the flavour will be fantastico.

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Lamb & cinnamon tagine

Final tagine dish

Market ingredient: Mirrool Creek lamb
Difficulty: I’m all for 1-pot cooking
Deliciousness: Even better the next day
Did The Beard like it? Apparently, I can stay.

You know how there are those foods that you always make at home, so therefore you’ll never order at a restaurant? Or you never make at home, so you’ll always order when you’re out? It’s pretty rare that you have a favourite something that you love to cook for yourself and that you’ll always order when it appears in front of you on a menu. For me, that one thing is lamb. Mmmmm lamb. Lamby lamby lamb. Whether it’s slow-roasted on the weber, a frenched rack in the oven, or deliciously wintery shanks, lamb is ALWAYS scrumptious.

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