Brussel sprouts with bacon, garlic & chilli

sprouts with bacon garlic and chilli

Market ingredient: Brussel sprouts
Difficulty: Super easy
Deliciousness: Better than most people think
Did The Beard like it? The most nicely presented sprouts he’s ever had.

I’d always hated brussel sprouts. Growing up in a household with want-to-be experimental chefs as parents, the Brown kidlets were exposed to most cuisines and most foods. Fussiness  was not really tolerated (except for Skatman and his fear of cooked vegetables and Wee AB and her inability to even be in the same room as a spicy curry, let alone eat it). But brussel sprouts were loathed by one and all. The humble sprout got a pretty bad wrap, to be fair, considering we’d never actually tried them. Say the words “brussel sprout” to Mamma Brown and she screws up her nose, goes on a rant about the boiled-within-an-inch-of-their-lives sprouts she was forced to eat as a child and swears it’s a form of torture she would never bestow on her own children.

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