Cardamom & honey-glazed duck with root vegetables

Cardamom and honey glazed duck

Market ingredient: Duck from Pepe’s Ducks
Difficulty: Medium
Deliciousness: It was ok
Did The Beard like it? The jury is still out.

The purpose of this blog has always been to push me to cook things that I wouldn’t normally cook, whether it be an ingredient or a recipe. More often than not, I’m finding that the dishes on this blog are recipes that I’ve not cooked before, as opposed to ingredients. However this week was to the contrary. Duck is one of those meats that I’ve never cooked and wouldn’t have the foggiest what to do with. I might order it – maybe – at a restaurant, but I definitely don’t keep duck in the fridge to just whip out as a mid-week dish. However, whilst strolling around the markets this week, The Beard was rambling on about some dish that his boss, RR, had cooked using duck. Somewhat inspired by this (that’s right, RR, inspired), it seemed like the perfect week for this gamey bird.

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Lamb & cinnamon tagine

Final tagine dish

Market ingredient: Mirrool Creek lamb
Difficulty: I’m all for 1-pot cooking
Deliciousness: Even better the next day
Did The Beard like it? Apparently, I can stay.

You know how there are those foods that you always make at home, so therefore you’ll never order at a restaurant? Or you never make at home, so you’ll always order when you’re out? It’s pretty rare that you have a favourite something that you love to cook for yourself and that you’ll always order when it appears in front of you on a menu. For me, that one thing is lamb. Mmmmm lamb. Lamby lamby lamb. Whether it’s slow-roasted on the weber, a frenched rack in the oven, or deliciously wintery shanks, lamb is ALWAYS scrumptious.

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