Baked moussaka and red cabbage salad

Market ingredient: Eggplants
Difficulty: Fairly easy – can just take some time
Deliciousness: Lovely
Did The Beard’s friend like it? “Delightful”

As the winter seems to draw to a close (although whether we actually had a winter this year is somewhat debatable), I felt that it was only appropriate to try and bust out some final heart-warming and cosy dishes. Moussaka is something that I’ve always thought about cooking but, for some reason, never have. It’s a deliciously comforting dish most commonly associated with Greek cuisine. Although word on the street is that it’s actually Phoenician in origin, but I’ll let the Lebanese and Greeks fight it out for ownership titles on this one.

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Greek-style slow roast lamb rack

greek-style slow roast lamb rack served with roast potatoes and radish and fennel salad

Market ingredient: Forequarter lamb racks
Difficulty: Pop in the oven and just leave it!
Deliciousness: Juicy and tasty
Did The Beard like it? He was in lamb heaven

This winter, slow-cooking has become my favourite method of cooking. In the cold weather, there is nothing more comforting than the smell of a stew or roast filling the house. Flavours develop intensely and slow cooking also allows you to tenderise slightly cheaper (albeit often tastier) cuts of meat. I love lamb for this type of cooking. I’ve already expressed my love for a lamb tagine, but a slow-roast lamb is incredible. Choose a shoulder or forequarter rack; they’re tougher and therefore need the long time to cook, but I can guarantee the flavour will be fantastico.

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