Linguine with stinging nettles and chorizo

linguine with stinging nettles and chorizo on a plate

Market ingredient: Stinging nettles
Difficulty: The dish itself is REALLY easy, but handling the nettles can be troublesome
Deliciousness: Simple flavours
Did The Beard like it? “If I didn’t know they were stinging nettles, I’d have thought it was spinach.

I was really excited this week. I was on to a jackpot of an ingredient. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the intention of this blog was to push myself to cook with ingredients that I’ve never used before or do so rarely. It’s not often that you actually come across an ingredient that you’ve literally never used or never tried and this was one of those weeks. Not only was I shocked that someone was actually selling stinging nettles, but there were in fact 2 stalls selling them. Radtown.

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Silverbeet and chorizo soup

Silverbeet and chorizo soup

Market ingredient: Silverbeet
Difficulty: Easy as
Deliciousness: Warming
Did The Beard like it? “It made me feel good.”

Cabbage and silverbeet are not particularly sexy vegetables. Generally seen as “peasant food”, they are often overlooked for more attractive and exotic leafy greens. Often soggily overcooked and served up as a greying mess, most people would turn their nose up at the thought of eating cabbage, let alone serving it to others. Since becoming a markets regular, I’ll often buy great big bunches of great leafy bunches of silverbeet, kale or cavalo nero to fry, steam or incorporate into frittatas. I love the slight bitter taste that seems to be perfectly matched with a good olive oil, garlic and chilli.

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Chorizo and caramelised apple

chorizo and caramelised apple in a bowl

Market ingredient: Chorizo from Eumundi Smokehouse
Difficulty: Really quick
Deliciousness: Rich but lovely
Did The Beard like it? Could have been a bit more apple-y

Pork and apple. A perfect flavour combination that is generally loved by all. The sweetness of apple cuts nicely through the rich saltiness of the meat and most people are pretty familiar with the pairing in a Sunday roast formation. However, it’s a combo that also works equally well with spicy sausages.

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