Roast chicken with Pernod & oranges

tray of roast chicken

Market ingredient: Thirlmere free-range chicken
Difficulty: Such an easy roast
Deliciousness: OOOOO yeah
Did The Beard like it? Almost as good as Mum’s (seems to be a reoccuring theme here?)

You know why I love middle eastern cooking? Actually, there are numerous reasons, from the one-pot-cooking of tagines and stews, to the heady combinations of spices, to the use of fruit in savoury dishes. So many dates, plums, prunes, figs and citrus. And then there’s the use of aniseed flavours. Delicious, delicious aniseed. Fennel, fennel seeds, aniseed tea (try it). And then there is arak. For the uninitiated, arak is an intensely aniseed flavoured liquor that The Beard’s family friends and relos used make. And sweet baby jesus, this stuff is intense. Mental note to self – you’re supposed to drink it watered down. Not as a straight shot. Dad and I learnt the hard way when The Beard rocked up to my parent’s place with a 2L Southern Comfort flagon filled with the stuff. But that’s another story…

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Chicken and Leek Pie

Chicken and Leek Pie straight from the oven

Market ingredient: Leeks
Difficulty: Easy but you end up using heaps of bowls.
Deliciousness: A snuggie for your soul
Did The Beard like it? “I liked it; it just needed a bit more salt” (this seems to be a bit of a theme for The Beard).

It’s Winter. It’s cold. Beautiful bluebird days that lead to f*$king cold nights (apart from my love of skiing, I’m essentially a summer person). Our little terrace in the Inner West, with its floorboards, gaps in the skirting boards and lack of direct sunlight only serves to exacerbate the situation. It’s these kind of nights that force me to cook something that warms you to the core and nothing is more warming than a piping hot pie. Like a snuggie for your soul.

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