Blood orange meringue cupcakes

cooked blood orange meringue cupcakes

Market ingredient: Blood oranges
Difficulty: Fail safe cake. Guaranteed.
Deliciousness: Bitter sweet
Did The Beard like it? I’d serve them up for afternoon tea

Before this post goes any further, I have to ask one question:  Why the hell do I not eat more blood oranges? Damn. These things are good. I never give oranges in general a chance. I discount them over other seemingly more interesting fruit all the time. I get distracted by peaches, persuaded by pomegranates, and lured in by perfect pink lady apple. But the humble orange – I just walk on by. Until this week. I was actually on the hunt for ruby red grapefruit as I’d sort of been set a little challenge (although that’s the opposite of what this blog is about – I’m supposed to find a food and be inspired to cook, rather than thinking of a recipe and seeking out an ingredient). Whilst there was not a grapefruit to be seen at Eveleigh Markets this week (or any other week now that I think about it) I was stopped in my tracks by the deep crimson flesh of these organic blood oranges. See you later grapefruit.

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Blood orange & fennel salad

Blood orange and fennel salad

Market ingredient: Blood Oranges from Block 11 Organics
Difficulty: Simpletown
Deliciousness: Clean and crisp
Did The Beard like it? I don’t know if I would have liked it as a stand alone entree, but it makes for a perfect side.

Oranges are a fruit that I tend to forget just how much I enjoy and during Winter you are lucky enough to be able to find juicey, sweet blood oranges. Called so because of their crimson flesh, I believe they are quite popular in the southern mediterranean regions of Italy & Spain. I actually think they are stunning visually. I love the look of the pinky flesh of the cut orange and they look amazing scattered through salads.

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