BBQ lemon thyme scotch fillet

bbq lemon thyme scotch fillet

Market ingredient: Scotch fillet
Difficulty: SO easy
Deliciousness: Zingy
Did The Beard like it? It would have been awesome if he hadn’t over-cooked the steak 😉

A super quick one this week. A way to make a mid-week steak dinner just a little fancier. This week’s market purchase was some delicious thick-cut scotch fillet. I’d never seen these cuts before, but they’re called a Cattleman’s Cut – basically scotch fillet with the bone still attached. Beautifully marbled and perfect for BBQing.

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BBQ whole snapper with fennel, lemon & tarragon

whole stuffed snapper ready to be barbequed

Market ingredient: Snapper
Difficulty: REALLY REALLY simple
Deliciousness: YUM
Did The Beard like it? Loved it.

Since returning from travels, I have had cravings for seafood. Between Tunisia, Sicily and Malta, The Beard and I consumed more seafood than I think I have in my entire life. At any of the coastal cities and villages of these places, you could get such fresh & beautiful fish (and generally for ridiculously cheap prices as well) and all I could think of for the past week was the delicious simplicity of the way the nations of the med cook their seafood. Unfortunately, there are no fishmongers at Eveleigh, so we had to make 2 markets trips yesterday; one to Eveleigh and one to Sydney Fish Market.

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