About Eveleigh Markets

View of Eveleigh Markets from above

Located in the custom renovated rail workshop at the heritage listed Eveleigh Railyards,   Sydney (or right next door to Carriageworks, for you more arty, squirrelly types), Eveleigh Markets are farmers and artisan food producers showcasing their produce that is grown, reared or made by them in Sydney and regional NSW. I was living around the corner in Darlington when the market opened in 2009 and I have been a huge fan ever since.

Eveleigh Markets entrance

So why do I love Eveleigh Markets so much? Is it the fact that I get to eat Kylie Kwong Pancakes every Saturday morning for breakfast? Or the spectacular array of fresh flowers? Perhaps it’s the ability to buy completely fresh produce that, yeah, may be slightly more expensive than what you buy in the major supermarkets, but lasts a damn sight longer? The tomatos that actually taste like tomatos? That there is a stall devoted entirely to the most ridiculous mushrooms? Probably all of the above.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Eveleigh is the people. The stall owners, the growers, the farmers; Mark, the friendliest baker in the whole world; Ros, the divine chocolatier; the crazy orchard guy that wears a Russian fur hat and plays the accordian sometimes and always makes you put more apples in your bag than what you actually paid him for, the young bespec’d gentleman that plays the cello right infront of the crazy Russian hat guy. Without trying to sound like a ginormous cliche, it’s this weird sense of community; somewhat strange and unusual for the inner city. People are nice to you at Eveleigh.

How to I get to Eveleigh Markets?

Main Entrance: 243 Wilson St, Darlington
Train: Just a short stroll from Redfern Station
Bus: Any bus going to Redfern or Newtown, and you’ll be able to use your legs to get you there pretty quickly

And damn, they even have a park-and-ride shuttle for you if you want to drive to Australian Technology Park.  Bless.


3 thoughts on “About Eveleigh Markets

  1. Hi Stephanie
    I love the Gnocchi Situation and especially your image of Everleigh Market. As a matter of fact, I’m wondering if you’d be happy to give your permission for me to reproduce the image in a document we are preparing at the Macquarie Point Development Corporation – obviously crediting you. It would be for a masterplan for the site we are about to develop at Macquarie Point in Tasmania and would only be for public information, not for sale purposes.
    I await your response!

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