Panfried pine mushroom fail

bowl of panfried pine mushrooms

Market ingredient: Pine mushrooms
Difficulty: Pretty easy
Deliciousness: I completely f*&ked this one up
Did The Beard like it? Not at all

It’s not often that I’ll claim this, but I really made a mess of this dish. Well, I’ll often claim it, but in that “I-know-this-dish-is-awesome-but-I’ll-say-that-I’m-not-sure-about-it-so-people-will-praise-my-skills” kind of way. But for once, I really actually did mess up the dish.  From appearances, it all looks good, but the taste was something else. And here’s why…

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BBQ lemon thyme scotch fillet

bbq lemon thyme scotch fillet

Market ingredient: Scotch fillet
Difficulty: SO easy
Deliciousness: Zingy
Did The Beard like it? It would have been awesome if he hadn’t over-cooked the steak 😉

A super quick one this week. A way to make a mid-week steak dinner just a little fancier. This week’s market purchase was some delicious thick-cut scotch fillet. I’d never seen these cuts before, but they’re called a Cattleman’s Cut – basically scotch fillet with the bone still attached. Beautifully marbled and perfect for BBQing.

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