Spiced rice-stuffed marrows

hollowed marrows stuffed with rice

Market ingredient: Marrows
Difficulty: Easy, just needed to cook longer
Deliciousness: OK
Did The Beard like it? Meh

Sometimes you have a bit of a dud week. Where what you think is going to be an awesome dish turns out to be kind of average. And this was that week. I ummed and ahhed about whether to even write this post, but I figured that everyone has their off week, right? Everything I cook can’t always be awesome 😉

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Lemongrass & ginger lamb ribs

Lemongrass & ginger lamb ribs on a white plate

Market ingredient: Lamb ribs
Difficulty: SUPER easy
Deliciousness: Nice, but really rich
Did The Beard like it? “Awesome”

Being back at Eveleigh Markets and back in the kitchen post-holiday has been somewhat therapeutic. As much as I adore eating out, it gets a little tiring after a while, when all you feel like is a salad, or some sort of delicious home-cooked meal. Cruising around the med, the cuisine that I did miss was SE Asian. The flavours are so crisp and fresh, and I just longed for them after eating mound of couscous after mound of couscous, followed by pizza, pasta then a week full of pastizzis (and yes, I can hear the collective cry of “1st world problems”). Lamb is not something I tend to mix with Vietnamese-esque flavours and I’m not really sure why. I have always stuck with beef or pork, but seeing these huge racks of lamb ribs, it felt like a good opportunity to give it a burl.

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Tunisia Pt. 1: Kaak Ouarka

Kaak Ouarka, Tunisian Almond sweets

So not only have I not posted in over 2 months, this isn’t even really sticking to my normal posting style. I’m not posting about an ingredient from Eveleigh, or a particularly ingredient at all. Nor have I cooked anything. But I have just been gallavanting around the Mediterranean for a month and if there was a place in which I could consume lots of tasty treats, it would be the Med. So to kick of the new year and get me back into the swing of weekly blogging I thought I would share one of my favourite discoveries of all of Tunisia: Kaak Ouarka.

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