Kohlrabi and parsley salad

kohlrabi and parsley salad on a white plate

Market ingredient: Kohlrabi
Difficulty: Easy
Deliciousness: Fresh and simple
Did The Beard like it? It tastes like it should be cooked, but it was delicious.

So with this blog being all about cooking or preparing something that I’ve never used before, here comes another one of those “I’ve definitely never cooked with that before” post. In fact, I didn’t even know what this vegetable was. Kohlrabi, with a texture like radish and a taste not dissimilar to raw broccoli or cabbage, is an interesting looking veggie. We stood for a while chatting to the stall owner about it as I had zero idea what to do with it.

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Salted butter caramels

salted butter caramel cut into squares

Market ingredient: Pepe Saya butter
Difficulty: Easy, but difficult to know when it’s ready
Deliciousness: Intense
Did The Beard like it? It took 1 day to eat half the tray

Salty sweets are all the rage at the moment. Well, it seems to be, at least. I came across this wee recipe in the Good Living section of the Sydney Morning Herald the other week and had to try it. Salted butter caramels. Yum. It also gave me an excuse to use butter as my main key ingredient for once. Clearly this is one of those ‘minute on the lips, lifetime on the hips’ kind of recipes. but who cares.

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Alpine survival foods

Fresh snow at Perisher Blue

So I didn’t post last week. Normally I would apologise for such lack of consistency, however when it dumps 50cm snow in one night in Australian ski fields, one cannot turn their back on such weather conditions. Skiing is the one thing that is a regular BrownTown event. Minus one obvious sibling and his Mrs, it was a great long weekend staying at the Alpine Habitats – great little self-contained apartments about 5 minutes from the Skitube at Bullocks Flat. Without being able to attend Eveleigh this weekend, it seemed appropriate to document the typical carbohydrate-laden food that is consumed on such adventures.  So here are the top 5 things I love to chow down on whilst skiing at Perisher Blue.

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