Rhubarb cupcakes

Rhubarb cupcakes in white cupcake liners

Market ingredient: Rhubarb
Difficulty: I always find baking difficult
Deliciousness: This is my favourite icing flavour now
Did The Beard like it? The icing saved the cake

I love the tartness of rhubarb. Raw, it will make your eyes water, but when cooked gently with sugar, it is such a delicious flavour. Like apples, it goes beautifully in pies and sauces. However, rather than baking a typical pie with the rhubarb this week, I wanted to be a little creative. It was Wee AB’s birthday during the week, so a fruity cupcake felt like it should be on the cards.

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Caprese salad

Caprese salad on a white plate
Market ingredient:
 Buffalo mozzarella
Difficulty: No cooking required
Deliciousness: An oldie but a goodie
Did The Beard like it? Things that make you go MMMMMM

So this is a pretty simple one, but more often than not, these are the best ones. There’s nothing more Italian than a caprese salad. Tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella. An Italian flag of deliciousness. Seeing as I’m on a bit of a buffalo bonanza at the moment, it seemed an appropriate way to utilise the buffalo mozzarella I picked up from AusBuff Stuff at Eveleigh last week. The simple, clean and crisp flavours of fresh tomatos and home-grown basil perfectly compliment the subtle creaminess of the mozzarella.

This salad needs no further introduction.

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Buffalo osso buco

Buffalo osso buco served with mashed potato

Market ingredient: Buffalo shin
Difficulty: Simple, but cooking takes a while
Deliciousness: Yummo
Did The Beard like it? “Good comfort food, although I wouldn’t have known it was Buffalo if you didn’t tell me.”

I get really excited when I discover a new stall at Eveleigh. Really, really excited. I know my way around the market like the back of my hand; where each grower or farmer sets up stall, who to go to for my coffee, who has the best radishes and which is my preferred florist. However, about a month ago I completely flipped out when I discovered the buffalo mozzarella of AusBuff Stuff. These guys are such lovely people and rear buffalo mainly for their dairy. Not only do they have fantastic mozzarella, but amazingly awesome buffalo milk gelato. True story. And it’s delicious. Even though their buffalo are raised for their dairy products, AusBuff Stuff does use some of the animals for their meat. Buffalo is generally a really lean meat, so is best when cooked rare. However, like most beasts, some cuts are tougher than others and require slower cooking.

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