Food photography tips

cake Found an interesting article on Mashable this morning on how to take the best food photography. I’m not great at it. I don’t have a great camera, nor do I have the right lighting in my house. My light bulbs are a little yellow and because I do most of my cooking at night, the photos look a little washed out.  After reading this, I’m out to get some white bulbs and a decent camera!

Top 4 tips for creating good food photos (according to the article)

  1. Styling the plate. Plan ahead to buy garnishes, have the right plates on hand, think about the composition of your plate.
  2. Setting your camera. Use ‘macro mode’ where possible and avoid a flash. If you have a fancy camera, which I don’t, set at a high ISO and quick shutter speed.
  3. Composing the shot. Select the single most interesting thing on the plate and make that the focus.
  4. Flash Do’s and Dont’s. Avoid using a flash where you can as it will just wash out the food. If light is dim and a flash is definitely needs, try pointing it upwards to bounce the light off the ceiling for a more natural effect.

Now to go and get myself one of those fancy camera things…

Check out Samsung’s original content about photography here.


One thought on “Food photography tips

  1. Nice find Steph! And so right. I think I need to expand my interesting plate collection, and think more about garnishing. I was also told to ‘tell a story with the picture’. x

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